My Birthday Healing

birthday cake

It’s October 14th – my 44th birthday.

I’m always thoughtful and introspective on my birthday.  It’s my day to turn within, remember who I am at my core, and honor myself.

I woke up thinking about all the stuff in my life that’s not going the way I’d like it to.  I woke up feeling sad about the people in my life who have let me down.  Feeling sorry for myself for the times people have mistreated me, not SEEN me, or made me wrong.  These feelings have been brewing in me for a few weeks, and I knew I needed some alone time to work with them.  This morning was the perfect time.

I lay in bed for a long time going through each situation, each scenario, with each person, feeling all the emotions I have about them.  And then I had an insight that stopped me in my tracks.  I realized that none of these situations would ever really be resolved.

I realized that from the place I was trying to work them through – my emotional self and my mind – there would never be any real peace.

I realized that the only way to really change any relationship or situation is to apply Fourth Density consciousness to it.  In lay terms, that means to access the heart; to allow love to open and flow into the situation or the person.

When I shifted gears and moved to my heart, I noticed that it felt tight and closed.  It’s no wonder since I’ve been stewing around in emotional (second density consciousness) and intellectual (3rd density consciousness) attempts to resolve these issues for days!  Moving into the 4th density consciousness of my heart took a little time.  I had to clear the cobwebs away.

As I was working with my heart, Love, and all the perceived conflicts I have with people outside of me, I came to a point where I realized that I would not be able to apply love to the others until I took some time to apply love to myself.  I found it easier to love myself than to love the other people in this particular moment – which showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I’m needing is LOVE FOR ME, not to try to figure out my outer world.

So today my intention is to love me.

I will give myself what others are failing to give me.  I will appreciate the intelligence, the beauty, the sensitivity, the creativity, and the love that is me.  At this moment, I sit in happiness that someone loves me…. MYSELF!

And for right now, I allow this love to work deep within me, and without – on the situations that seem unsolvable.  I choose to trust that love will transform them all… in its own good time.

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Terrorism: a Spiritual Perspective

This is a very deep and complex question that came from a fellow seeker:

“How is a peaceful spirit supposed to view groups like ISIS that brutalize people?
Looking at the truth, I know that the people who do these things are afraid, deep in ego, fear and illusion.
My eyes in this 3D world show me something different. Something violent. If people like that were threatening me or people I love, I don’t know how I could be a pacifist under those circumstances.
It’s so hard for me to know how to view things like this… to be peaceful in a world that is often dangerous…? I think a lot of people struggle with this…
Your perspective would be greatly appreciated…. ~  Manny”

When we are searching for the answer, it’s important that we look at the question from each level of consciousness.  Ego, Heart, Soul and Unity.  Each level will see the situation from a a higher and more evolved perspective.

 Level of The EGO –

Seen from the level of 3rd density physical consciousness, the body/mind/emotional system wants to protect itself.  The body perceives threat and has feelings of outrage and fear.  The body naturally wants to defend itself, protect its loved ones, and even move to protect its fellow human brothers and sisters.  If a group like this were threatening you or people you love, you’d probably have an innate impulse to fight violence with strong violence.  You’d probably have an impulse to stop the threat by any means… even by killing it.  This is what the ego does – it wants to eradicate anything that it doesn’t like.

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Level of the HEART –

Seen from the level of 4th density heart consciousness, (which is the level Earth is evolving toward) the heart senses that the people who belong to the group ISIS are behaving this way because they are afraid, and deeply lost in ego, fear, pain and illusion.  Here is where we begin to see, and have compassion for, their humanity.  We don’t lose our 3rd density consciousness when we move up into 4th, rather 4th density awareness envelopes all the levels below it and shifts us into a new perspective from which to view the situation.  The heart naturally feels compassion, yet it balances it with the body’s perception of threat.  Here, we’re not so quick to pull out our guns and bombs.  We begin to consider a more diplomatic solution and a less-violent strategy if possible.  We see these people as human brothers, not as “the enemy” or dissociated “other”.  It is important to note that just because heart consciousness is softer and more inclusive, doesn’t mean that it won’t defend itself physically if all other attempts fail.  But it will defend itself more cleanly, and only for the sole purpose of keeping itself from harm.  The heart has no desire to do harm in return.

 Level of the SOUL –

Seen from the level of 5th density wisdom consciousness, the soul sees the situation with ISIS as a mutually agreed circumstance which is here to teach everyone on the planet what we are ready to be finished with (barbarianism) and how to handle it in a new way.  5th density envelops the awareness of all the levels below it, which allows us to see from a new and higher perspective.  From this place I become aware that the people involved with ISIS are playing the role of a part of myself – there is something in me that is still unresolved which is very much like the energy ISIS carries.  The work here isn’t to obliterate ISIS, it is to go inside and dissolve all the places in me that are scared, mired in fight or flight, and which would turn to killing if pushed into a corner.  Is there a place in me like that where I’d tear someone’s eyes out if they got too close to it?  That’s the place I have to heal.  When we each do this “mirror work” to heal ourselves, groups like ISIS won’t show up in our consensus reality anymore.  The soul sees that all dramas are consensual and purposeful for everyone.

 Level of the UNITY –

Seen from the level of 6th density unity consciousness, there is only acceptance and love for the people of ISIS.  Most humans rarely get a taste of this level, but some have what is called a “peak experience” where they are overcome by the awareness of this level for a short time.  If you’ve ever had a peak experience like this, you KNOW when you’re in this unity, that all is well, that ISIS is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, and that humanity will figure this out.  There is no fear.  There is no defense.  There is just pure being, love, acceptance and understanding.

As evolving humans, it is our task to love every part of ourselves.  We can’t skip over any level, and we can’t skip over any part of healing.  And we can’t skip over any player in the drama of the world.  All of the parts need to be integrated in order to heal 3D.  There is one reason why we are here immersed in this third density physical world – and that is to dissolve the charge (fear) around every issue that arises.  We do that by accepting it, loving it and understanding it.  May we each continue walking, striving to always remember the Truth of who we are and what we came here to do.  And what did you come here to do?  You came here to dissolve fear into love.

Said another way – you came here to ascend 3rd density matter
into 4th density heart consciousness. 

That’s a pretty cool job.

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Life is but a Dream

…Row, row, row your boat
   Gently down the stream.
   Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
   Life is but a dream.

Life is but a dream wallpaper by iiDeeGAF

Is This Life a Dream?

What if I introduced the idea to you that this life is about as real as the dream you had last night?  Sit with that for a moment.  What would it mean for you if it were true?  What would it mean if you found out for certain that you were asleep in another dimension dreaming your current life?

Would you spend so much energy worrying?

Would you spend so much time working and sacrificing yourself?

How would you do things differently if you knew for sure this was all a dream?

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Lucid Dreaming

There are therapists and teachers who instruct people in the art of lucid dreaming.  To achieve a lucid dream, one must make the intention before falling asleep, that she will become conscious that she is asleep and dreaming during the night.  There are many techniques to this end, and I encourage you to research and try them!

But what does it mean to be lucid dreaming while AWAKE?  If we’re playing with the idea that this life – this world – is a dream, then could you become conscious of your waking reality while living here and now?


What is Reality?

There are many levels of reality, actually.  Right now you’re living in third density Earth, which is a dream you’re having from the fourth density.  If you were to wake up or become conscious of your fourth dimensional reality, this world would feel very surreal all of a sudden – just like if you became conscious within a nighttime dream.  Realizing who you are in your Awakened State makes this place seem like not such a big deal.

Take a Chill Pill

When we wake up to what’s really going on here – we relax.  That’s why the yogis and gurus are always so chill and smiling.  They SEE SOMETHING WE DON’T. What they see is that it’s not really possible to make a mistake.  You can’t run out of time, and you can’t mess up your mission.  If you don’t get something right in a dream, do you fret and freak out over it in the morning?  No.  It was just a dream.  Gurus know that this life, too, is a dream and that there is no pressure or urgency. The lessons we’re meant to learn will get learned whether we stress out or relax.  In fact, there’s no stopping them.

              “The rock that hit you couldn’t have missed you.”


The spiritual teachers of the world know that everything is ok. It always has been, and always will be.  And because they RELAX, they get more of the insight, psychic knowings, intuitions, and all the fun stuff YOU are longing to experience but are too wound up to get.

You are dreaming right now.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy the scenery.  Take time to smell the flowers.  Love your neighbor.  Realize that you are eternal and you’ve created this world as a place to learn.  Not as a place to beat yourself up, or take abuse, or be stressed and miserable all the time.  You created this place so you could wake up and get hip to what’s really going on.  This is a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream.  Your real self is still safely merged with All That Is – because it never left there.

Rise and Shine, beautiful.      ღ ღ ღ

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Your Outer World is a Mirror of Your Inner World

Many people are confused about what it means when we talk about the outer world being a reflection of the inner self.  It IS a complex concept, and it’s one with several different layers of meaning.  Here are three explanations, each incrementally more advanced than the one before.

The Simple Version:

The first, and simplest way we can look at it is that whatever is in me, is what I’ll most obviously recognize in the people and circumstances around me. Whatever beauty and love I carry, whatever pain and aggression I carry, I will readily recognize that outside myself.

This perspective is built around the concept that we are most acutely aware of that which we most intimately know.

The Intermediate Version:

As we grow and evolve, the next, more advanced level one begins to perceive is the concept that we create our own reality. We do not simply create what we think about, we create what we ARE.  So whatever is unhealed, or sad, or in grief – whatever we do not like or cannot accept about our selves will be “re-created” in the stories that show up in our lives. (Sometimes we call these “patterns”.) We’ll attract people who trigger our own unhealed places.  They will trigger us because they will either dislike THEMSELVES in the same way we dislike our selves, or they will dislike US in that way. Whatever it shows up as, the idea is that it’s an opportunity to look more closely at our own inner world with the ultimate goal of healing what’s out of alignment with Love.

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This perspective is built around the concept that the universe is a fractal. That is: whatever energy signature we carry will be repeated infinitely, again and again, until we change that vibration.

The Advanced Version:

At the most advanced level, one comes to know that in the deepest spiritual reality, there is only One Being in all of existence. Because there is only one of us here, “it” is creating all of this. “We”- the One – create seemingly billions of facets of our self. Each facet believes in its small sphere of perception that he or she is a distinct entity, separate from all the others. It is when we reach the highest levels of spiritual wisdom that we realize that we can choose to either operate from this small, single little self, or we can remember the Oneness that we are and harness the power of All That Is.


From the highest spiritual perspective, we know that the “others” are mirrors for us, because they actually ARE us. And at this level of spiritual attainment, the whole thing is uproariously entertaining – because we know that it’s all an illusion and that in reality, we are “all” just fine.

This world is a mirror into which I gaze –  To see the Divine.  My Beloved.  My Self.

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How to Get the Most Out of Psychotherapy

Find the Right Therapist for You –  The most important part of therapy is the relationship between you and your counselor.  Researching various counselors’ credentials, training and experience is very important, but even more important is finding a person you feel super comfortable with.  Do you sense that your therapist has your best interest at heart?  Do you feel you could be totally honest – even with difficult issues – and that your counselor would be able to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you?  Do you feel like your therapist gets you?

Your Healing is Your Responsibility –  Your counselor’s job is to get to know the real you.  It is her job to help you see new options that you may not have considered before.  It is her job to point out where you may not be seeing the fullness of your Truth.  It is her job to help you discover how to release pain.  It is your counselor’s job to make suggestions for growth.

It is not your counselor’s job to read your mind.  It is not her job to decide the direction of your treatment.  It is not her job to fix anything for you.  A psychotherapists’ job is to help you find your own inner answers.

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Get Specific About Your IssuesName them.  Get real clear.  Don’t expect your therapist to figure it all out for you.  Ask for her help to narrow down to the core of things.  If you can name it – you can fix it.  If you can’t name it – you still have more work to do.

Therapy is Hard Work –  Psychotherapy is about learning it’s safe to tell ourselves the Truth.  It’s about discovering where we may have been lying to ourselves (where society has lied to us, where our parents have lied to us, where religion has lied to us, etc…).  A client can choose to resist this process of telling the truth, looking at it as painful and scary, or he can open and hold it as a brave adventurer would.  It is your choice how you look at the process of unfolding, however, most would say that it is far easier and less painful to take the latter stance.

Why would anyone choose to embark on such a journey?  The answer is that when we take the veils of darkness away to reveal the honest truth beneath, it sets us FREE.  We realize we are safe to be real.  Release, relief, and a new sense of space and hope emerge.  We have more options.  We have more room to live and more joy.

Tell your Therapist Everything –  Psychotherapists are well trained professionals, but they are usually not psychic.  They cannot know what you do not share with them.  The more honest you can be with yourself and with your therapist, the more transformational change you will attain.

Banish the Old Myth that Being in Psychotherapy Means there’s Something Wrong with You – Today’s psychotherapy is an act of self-nurturing.  Being in therapy means you care about your emotional health.  Telling the world you have a therapist is no longer a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of enlightenment.  Smart people engage in regular counseling for the support they need, and to facilitate their personal growth.

Be Willing to Come Prepared –   Psychotherapy should extend beyond the therapy session.  Use your time throughout the rest of your week to notice your behaviors, your thoughts and your reactions to things.  Make notes.  Write down your dreams.  Bring those in.  Bring your questions in.  The more work you do outside the therapy room, the faster and richer your personal growth will be.

Focus on Problem-Solving and Opening the Mind Rather Than on Ruminating As a part of the human family, It is important to tell your story.  It is important that someone hears it.  It is important to move through all of the components of your belief systems in relationship to your story.  But we must be careful because there is a difference between “working with our history” and “ruminating”.  Sometimes an attachment to the story can develop.  We may be in danger of defining ourselves with our story.  At some point, it becomes important to take a leap of faith and to move into another mode – a mode of healing.   We do this by remaining open to problem-solving and expanding our minds with new ideas and new options.

Make a Commitment to Your Treatment –  Counseling is a big investment into YOU.  You’re investing a lot of energy, focus, time and money here.  Be willing to give it your all.  Counseling should not be a casual endeavor.  Now is your opportunity to really do some intensive personal growth!

Make Therapy Part of Your Life –  Many people find that counseling is so helpful and stress-relieving that they continue therapy for the long-term.  Some folks take breaks from counseling and then come back during periods of their life when they may need more support.  Other folks come to regular weekly sessions for years and years.  This is not uncommon.  We are social animals and do need support, conversation and human interaction.  We are wired for connection.  Where else can we have an hour of undivided, non-judgmental attention paid only to us?  Long term therapy is often seen as a part of a person’s ongoing self-care regimen.

See your Therapist like your Best Friend Back in the old days of psychoanalysis, the therapist was not supposed to have feelings for the client, and vice versa.  The idea was that the therapist should maintain a completely neutral position about and for the client in order for therapeutic change to occur.  Nowadays, the field of psychology sees things differently.  The therapeutic relationship works at its best when both client and counselor feel a bond, a trust, a connection with each other.  It’s common to view one’s counselor as a friend (sometimes she is a better friend than other people in the client’s life!)  It’s also wonderful for the counselor to view her client as a friend.  Getting together outside the therapy office is generally not done unless it is to attend a healing workshop or other therapeutic event together.  And romantic relationships are strictly off limits.

Ask Lots of QuestionsThe more questions you can come up with, the better.  Asking questions is how we learn new things.  Counseling is a combination of discussion and experiencing.  The conversation can be as rich and lively as you make it!  It’s up to you.

Keep Re-Defining Your Goals Don’t ever assume that your therapist has a grand plan for your healing journey.  That’s not the way it works.  You are in charge of setting your goals, bringing your hopes, needs and intentions to your therapist, and then being willing to open to new ideas within the session around those areas of your life.  Re-assess your progress and your needs often, and be proactive in communicating them!

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Have Positive and Realistic Expectations – Therapy isn’t magic.  But you are.  Within you is the capacity to heal every area of your life.  Using a great therapist to help get you pointed in the right direction and to ask you challenging questions can be an excellent way to jumpstart the healing you seek.  Research shows that the main factor leading to personal change is one’s willingness to take a good hard look at oneself.  In other words, therapy outcomes are almost entirely based on the client’s readiness – not so much the talent of the therapist.  The therapist plays a supporting role, while you are the star, the director, and the producer.

Focus on Changing Yourself – Not Anyone Else Your therapy is to help YOU change.  It’s a good place to change our thoughts, our belief systems, our perceptions and our behaviors.  It’s not a place to focus on changing others.

The Therapeutic Relationship is a Real RelationshipTrust that your therapist genuinely cares about you and wants to know you.  Counseling is so much more than a job to the human being that take on the vocation.  Counseling is a “calling” to serve, to love, to connect and to know another person for the purpose of healing.

It’s ok to get upset with your therapist.  She’s human. She may sometimes misunderstand you, be mis-attuned, or be having an off-day.  If you have a strong feeling come up in therapy, PRACTICE COMMUNICATING IT.  If your therapist is good, she’ll drop right into compassionate listening mode without reacting.  Trust your therapist to hold you in all of your feelings – even the ones you have toward her.  She has been trained to use even your relationship with her as a mode for healing and re-educating old relational patterns.  If direct confrontation is too scary, have a conversation with your therapist about this idea before any triggers occur.

Be Open to FUN and LaughterTherapy works best when the intensity is occasionally interspersed with laughter.  The fact is our brains need to take short breaks in order to integrate the material we’ve been working on. When interrupting an intense moment with inappropriate joking occurs, it may indicate an attempt to distract – that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about allowing moments of joy, fun and laughing to come in and out of the session time you spend with your therapist.  It’s healthy!

Be Patient –  Change takes time –  A broken bone doesn’t heal in 24 hours.  It takes a careful reset, a protective cast, and 6-8 weeks to mend.  Similarly, personal change requires a willingness to shift our thinking, to provide ourselves with the necessary protections from outer stressors which may threaten to thwart the changes we are working so hard to make, and time to integrate it all into a new way of living.

Write It DownJournaling is highly recommended. Make time to write down your dreams when you wake up.  Make time to journal before bed.  Whatever time of day feels most introspective for you – take that time for yourself.  Bring your notes into your therapy session from the previous week.  A lot can happen in a week!

Use Your Week for Personal Work Between Sessions Make therapy a daily way of life.  Incorporate self-inquiry into your daily mental process.  Question your automatic responses, your behaviors, and your ideas.  Ask yourself, “What would my therapist do, say, think, ask right now?”  It’s a great practice to imagine taking your therapist with you into the world!  Using your time outside of session for continued personal work will speed and enrich your healing process.

Realize That Progress Doesn’t Happen In A Straight Line Like growing 3 inches in the 7th grade, inner growth occurs in spurts.  Therapy generally begins with a get-to-know-you period of several sessions.  Then the work intensifies for a while.  It can be punctuated with small or large insights and “AHA! Moments”, and then short latent or resting phases may follow.  We may hit roadblocks.  Sometimes we may even feel like we are going backwards in our progress.  We are not.  All movement is forward movement- even places that feel like roadblocks are just places to learn more about oneself.   All of these states are normal rhythms of the healing process.

If you’re committed to rigorous self-honesty, you can accomplish anything you want. 
Have fun with your therapy! 
After all – this may be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself.


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Trauma: Love’s Barricade

Written by guest blogger, Inga Larson

Imagine, if you will, standing on the very top of the highest peak of a great mountain. All around you, the most magnificent view. Yet, you find yourself only able to look down, in all directions, the precarious slope, falling away in all directions to certain death. Wouldn’t you become rigid with terror, afraid to move, even to breath? And so very alone. This is the real cost of trauma. When, we are overwhelmed by stress, when we are not able to resolve it, to comfort ourselves or receive the soothing embrace of another…in short, when we experience trauma, either from a single event or a lifetime of pain… we often lose the ability to connect with others. Even if the pain was not created by another person, the rawness of the wound, the chaos of once-assumed “realities”, the stripping of a felt sense of safety all collude to build a wall, high, wide, and thick, between us and the people we once may have counted on and enjoyed.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. First, though, it helps to understand this confusing, and common, phenomenon, of trauma. And given what we already know about attachment, and the visceral need for love, this phenomenon can be life-threatening.

My clients with trauma born of abusive and neglectful childhoods dance painfully on the razor’s edge, between the seeming life-threat of being with others, and the misery of their loneliness.


A woman I worked with for several years put it this way: .

“You are so right about those traumatized children. Then those children become troubled adults and connection seems to elude them forever. And you can’t blame them if they just can’t go on because really they’ve been dying of isolation their whole lives. But because as you say, love is a need, the sheer will to survive drives them to try again as if they forgot the agony of the last rejection even though they have a photographic memory of it and recall even the subtle look that told them, “move on.” But still, they ready themselves to take a walk in the minefield where they lost a limb, and an eye, and three fingers on the left hand. In sales seminars they say it takes 100 no’s to get one yes, but Jesus”

Many of my clients live in this daily landmine of social rejection, real or imagined, vigilant to the perceived dangers all around. Some even find it ultimately unbearable, and attempt to take their own lives. Yet within them, I find uniquely delightful people, deeply sensitive and deeply caring, who call to my heart with the courage that shouldn’t, yet, impossibly, is there. Some animal instinct for survival reaches out, despite the danger, and asks for help.

It is not an easy road,

it takes a lot of work,

and it’s a little like riding a roller coaster,

as we unpeel the layers of hurt

that have been built up in body and mind.

So we go gently.


On the other end, a life they could never have imagined. It is as if, in scanning the horizon, where they only saw danger, now they also note beauty, intrigue, even the mundane. They are not immune to hurt now, but that is not where they live anymore. Let Amy have the last word:

“And so, one day you meet someone who takes in blind dogs and cats with engine rotor chopped limbs and who collects outsider art and knows something about mental illness and to whom you are highly attracted and she actually sees you and loves you even more because you’re so damaged. A Complex PTSD love story. It can happen. I can’t imagine it happens much. But then you learn how good at love you are although you really suspected it all along. And yea, you’re still being rejected all around you, because you didn’t develop right and people are going to notice that and it continues to cause you pain, but this one, this person is really fundamentally good and kind and she’s a little fucked up (like everybody) too and it works really well. And you might find a couple more good friends. But you keep telling yourself “everything is temporary” because you have to be ready since your body knows the seriousness of isolation. That’s love.” – A.Q., 3/4/14

Peace to you all.

~ Written by Inga Larson



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11 Spiritual Truths of an Awakened Heart

We adults were born into a world immersed in an old paradigm of religious dogma.  In many ways those teachings were very beautiful for their time.  But humanity needs something more now.  Why?  Because we are evolving.  The “Great Awakening” everyone is talking about is a new level of Truth which humanity is beginning to feel and know.  This is our journey from the head to the heart.  It is our journey from “me” consciousness to “we” consciousness.

*note:  I will be referring to All That Is as "God" in this 
article. Please feel free to replace this name with whatever 
term you feel comfortable with.

I was raised as a Christian: church, religious schools… the whole bit.  These teachings were very traditional, and even conservative.  I learned much and I received a solid foundation of spiritual understanding.  I learned that God is love.  I learned to treat my neighbor as I would like to be treated.  I learned to give, and to help, and to serve.  I learned to pray.  It was a beautiful education, and one which shaped who I am.  As I got older, I began to realize that my understanding of God wasn’t really as comforting to me as my religion promised.  My view of God as a punisher/rewarder was causing me pain and blocking my growth.  My idea of hell felt scary, and my prayers weren’t bringing the results I had been told to expect.  My traditional beliefs were sometimes even making me feel bad about myself, about the world, and about God himself. I was uncomfortable.  I felt guilty.  I saw myself as a failure.  I was angry at God and felt trapped in my body and on this harsh place called Earth.

At this point I had two ways to look at things.  Either I was going to make myself bad, wrong and unworthy (again), or I was going to expand my notion of what God is.  So I began searching my heart for new answers.

I had a great awakening.  My heart burst open and I began to see the world, God, myself and other humans through a new lens of vastly expanded acceptance and love.   As we continue to open to more Truth, we notice that we arrive in various stations of consciousness along the way.  The Great Awakening is opening humanity’s heart to the fullest degree.  And from that open state, new and inspiring realizations are dawning upon people about the nature of God, reality, the universe, and sentient beings everywhere.  These expanded ideas are the cutting edge of human consciousness in our modern time.  When the heart awakens, it KNOWS new things. These insights are a natural result of the flowering of the heart chakra. The following are the 11 central spiritual Truths that emerge from an awakened, heart.

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1) God (All That IS)  is our creator.   He is pure love.  He is capable of presenting himself to humans as personal (read: powerful white-bearded man who sits on a heavenly cloud), but He is, at the same time, impersonal, eternal, and unfathomable.  He is all that is in every level of existence, physical and non-physical.  God and his creation are ONE.  There is only one being here.

2) God first created humanity, then WE created the world we’re experiencing and all the drama in it. 

3) All of the world that we see is a dream. In reality, we are still with God in heaven – safe – and we are dreaming all of this.

4)  Everything we experience in life is a mirror of our own inner beliefs. God does not get involved with this process. He simply allows it to happen as we dream it up.  This is the meaning of “free will”.

5) God does not reward or punish us. We do that to ourselves by judging ourselves as “good” or “bad”.  God just loves and accepts us in whatever we choose to be, think or feel.

 6) Hell isn’t a place – it’s a state of mind. It is the state of mind we go into when we veer away from the Truth. It feels bad because we (mistakenly) believe we are separate from God.

 7) It’s not God’s job to make sure we feel or know him.  God is always present.  God is always revealing Himself to us.  It’s our job to open to his presence.

8) Prayer is important, but it doesn’t work the way may have been taught.  God doesn’t grant requests.  When we pray for help from God,  it opens us to be able to feel His presence.   Things change in our life when we open to His love.  

9)  God is always with us. He does not abandon us. How could he abandon us when we are still ONE with him in heaven at this very moment? We are the ones who abandon God. We dream of a world that is scary and separate, forgetting we are in the arms of our beloved at all times.

10)  Just like the traditional religions teach, there are higher worlds than this  one. Like the movie, Inception, these worlds look like nesting dolls – a dream within a dream within a dream.

11) To move on to the next world after death only takes one thing: forgiveness.  We don’t have to be perfect.  We don’t have to perform glorious feats of holiness.  We don’t have to punish ourselves for mistakes we have made.  We must only forgive.   You’ll know when you are doing it because you will feel acceptance for all things which brings a feeling of peacefulness. Forgiveness makes us feel peace.

group hug

So, basically, humanity is on the cusp of learning two things:

1) That we are responsible for our own experience and

2) That the only real choice in life is either to love and forgive or not.

I have the power to choose.  
 I can choose to love and forgive myself instead. 

self love 2

The “Great Awakening” is the process of powering up the Human Heart to it’s fullest capacity.  For the first time, humanity is ready to engage the heart center to love ourselves fully, forgive ourselves fully, accept others fully, and finally let go of all the shame, guilt, and hell we’ve been living in for thousands of years.

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