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Paige Bartholomew is a licensed therapist and certified hypnotist, specializing in New Paradigm Heart Technologies for transforming the self. A student of the Law of One, a teacher of A Course In Miracles, and a Sufi Master Teacher, Paige can show you how to live from an entirely new paradigm of love. Make the shift you’ve been longing for and start living the peace and certainty that is the True You. For information on psychotherapy and healing work with Paige:

The Birth of Your Soul

“The whole nature of the Godhead
Is to play that he is not.” ~ Alan Watts. Continue reading

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The 7 Sacred Soul Tasks

Does it feel like something is out of balance in your life? Maybe you’ve done a ton of healing work, you’ve read all the self-help books, you’ve meditated with the best of them, but still something feels off. Having difficulties … Continue reading

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The Soul Map: Understanding The Divine Path of Spiritual Evolution

Have you ever wondered why you exist? Have you wondered why you incarnated on Earth? Have you wondered about your soul’s level of enlightenment?                                For insights on how your soul was born, see my article entitled A Story Of … Continue reading

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What is an EMPATH?

What is Empathy?  Walt Whitman put it this way:                                                        “I do not ask the wounded person how he feels,                                                          I … Continue reading

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What Does Awakening Feel Like?

Awakening first feels like upheaval and chaos. It’s kind of like cleaning out your garage. Imagine that your garage has a lot of old, useless junk in it, and it is disorganized and dirty. You’ve lived with the mess peacefully … Continue reading

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How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiving Yourself can be a tough one because the person who feels angry and the person you’re angry with is the same person – YOU!  We get stuck in self-judgment.  We can’t let ourselves off the hook.  Maybe we betrayed … Continue reading

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Lightworkers – Don’t Lose Heart!

Loveworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, Awakening Humans… DO NOT LOSE HEART! There are those of us who were born remembering.  All our lives, we’ve held a deep knowing in our being, a knowing that we came here for a reason.  We may … Continue reading

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