The Birth of Your Soul



Why do we exist here? What is the purpose of all this?

Most religions and ancient verbal histories of Earth have a creation story. When we read these stories through the eyes of our hearts, we begin to see that all of the religions are attempting to teach us the same thing.

It goes something like this:
In the beginning there was an omnipresent Source Field. This original state of consciousness was, and is, whole and unified. It knows everything and contains everything. In it, there is no time. All and nothing paradoxically co-exist intertwined within one another. Within this eternal state of All-Knowing exists the potentiality for all that ever was – or ever will be.

We will call this omnipresent Source Field, “God”. For ease of reading, I will use the male pronoun to describe God, although God is neither male nor female.

eye of scientist  and microscopeGod had a desire to create an experience where He could know Himself in a new way. Since God is so smart, God created a way that He could focus, as if through a microscope, to explore each tiny bit of Himself. The entirety of creation came into instantaneous being at just a single word: “Be”. God ignited a vibratory hum. It is said that through the sound of that hum, a cascade effect was put in motion which gave birth to all the worlds.

The Sufis say that God wanted to observe Himself in the second person. For this, God had to create an “other”. In Sufism it is said that God pulled a bit of light from His face and looked at it. This first separated bit of light was the first creation. It was the first intelligent being. When that first soul broke off from God, there was the appearance of two. The word “appearance” is important, because even though it seemed to that soul that she was separate, in reality, she could never be separate from her Source because the Source is her True Self. God contains everything and always will. God still contained this separate soul, but the poor soul didn’t understand and quickly became unsure, insecure and deeply afraid.

When the soul saw that she seemed to be separate, she suddenly felt a primal panic at the idea of being displaced from her Source and True Self.  This primal panic still rings through the heart of man.  The idea of separation, and the panic that ensued, has been termed Original Sin. People tend to think of sin as something bad. Sin is actually not proof of our evilness, but proof of our confusion.

To sin is to misunderstand.

In this case, our friend misunderstood the situation. She believed that she was separated from her Source, when in reality; she was never separated, but only seemed to be.
From this one, original misunderstanding, all of creation came into being. The created worlds, from the bottom base world, all the way up to the highest angelic world, are all founded on illusion. Yes – even the angelic worlds. They are based on the fundamental illusion that we are separate from God.  If all illusion and confusion were to disappear, there would BE NO WORLD!  Think of it this way:  If the world that we know was to suddenly fully align with God, it would instantaneously merge back into Oneness in the blink of an eye, and no “world” would continue to exist as we know it. This is what is meant in the bible when God revealed His True Reality to the mountain. When the mountain was exposed to Absolute Truth, it crumbled into dust – it no longer existed in this created world. The mountain returned to live in the world of God. When God reveals Himself to any created thing – that thing ceases to exist in a created form. When God reveals the truth of existence to any created thing, it merges back into Wholeness from where it first came.

woman 2So, back to our story…. God wanted to experience each tiny bit of Himself, and His plan was to do that vicariously through the eyes, ears, hands and hearts of his beloved creation. God knew that it would be necessary to give the newly created soul an experience of temporarily forgetting his own natural omnipotence. In forgetting that she was actually Everything, the soul now believed she was only a small portion of everything. Now the soul believed she was a small, individual portion. Her perspective allowed God the opportunity to narrow His focus to a pinpoint through her. Can you think of any holier job than to be God’s eyes, ears, hands and heart?

Some people feel that the narrow focus and veil of amnesia that come with our Earth suit are frustrating hindrances. But these things are necessary; otherwise the microscopic study of God’s self could not be achieved. God knew we HAD to forget.  It would be impossible for an omnipotent being to experience a process of discovery when it already knows everything! The veil of forgetting is the first gift bestowed upon creation, so that creation can do the job it was made to do: to reveal God to God.

tree 2Out of that Original Light of Creation, cascaded forth more divisions. Like a tree dividing itself exponentially: from trunk, to branches, to twigs, to leaves. That original soul was divided into smaller and smaller, seemingly separate pieces of the whole. Each new piece separated off, becoming individual souls with individual thoughts, yet still carrying the perfect original essence of the Source. You are one of these divisions. In reality, you are not separated from God, although at your current level of evolution, it seems as though you are. Your job, and everyone’s job, is to move from the most individuated point of being, gradually back to the awareness that all is one with the Source. This is the progression of all souls. This is the evolution of consciousness.

oneness 2
The purpose of living is to experience every single thing possible.

       The end-goal of life is to bring all of the seemingly separated  parts back into wholeness with God.

How is this process done? We accomplish this powerful, beautiful journey along our spiritual progression through levels of consciousness, or “densities”.  Learn more about densities HERE.

copyright Paige Bartholomew, 2015

This article has been excerpted from my upcoming book:                                                              The Soul Map: Understanding the Divine Path of Soul Evolution                             where these concepts, and so many more, will be explained in glorious detail!

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