Lightworkers – Don’t Lose Heart!


Loveworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, Awakening Humans…


There are those of us who were born remembering.  All our lives, we’ve held a deep knowing in our being, a knowing that we came here for a reason.  We may not have remembered this astonishing information all at once.  The wisdom we carry came into focus in small bits over many years.  It’s surfaced a little at a time, painting a picture of remembrance about who we really are, and what we came here to witness.  We go by many names: Indigos, Medicine Women and Men, Lightworkers and Star People, to name a few.  These are the advanced ones who answered the call.  These are the enlightened beings who came to Earth to bring a new consciousness to humanity.  Look into your heart now.  Are you one of these beings?  You will know.

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If your heart answers yes, you may have had a life filled with immense feeling, brilliant hope, and near-genius creative drive.  You may have felt different from others (because…well, you ARE), and you may have suffered for it.  You may have experienced much disillusionment and even personal trauma as a result of the things you’ve seen and heard in your life and the world at large.

You may have lived the years leading up to 2012 with great anticipation.  It seemed that we would finally realize our internal knowing, sense and foretelling of a great change for humanity on planet Earth.  But when the time came, you may have experienced the year 2012 as a CRUSHING DISAPPOINTMENT.  When “nothing happened” in 2012 (at least nothing overt…) many Love Workers retreated inward, falling into depression.  The anti-climax caused us to doubt ourselves and our own inner knowing.  Were we wrong?

Or worse… were we crazy?

oneness 2

I am here to lovingly assert that you are not wrong or crazy.  Soul memory is real.  Something as cosmic as a density shift cannot be arranged on a calendar.  Remember Who You Really Are, and WHAT YOU CAME FOR.  There is nothing more damaging to an awakened soul than to drown in the entropy of lost hope and negativity.  Pick yourself up, wise one.  Join with others like yourself.  There is a renewed energy growing on the planet.  All is not lost.  We are still progressing on a trajectory toward ascension.  It’s just a different timeline than the masses expected.

Just look around you.  Take a gander at Facebook, for example.  More than ever before, people are taking a stand for love.  Yes, there are people who want to stay stuck in doom and gloom, but how many more are posting enlightening memes and quotes, inspiring and opening people’s hearts toward the light?  The numbers are increasing.  Momentum is building.  Your work here has not been in vain.

So keep your love torch lit, dear one.  Keep doing what you do: keep loving in the face of ugliness, keep hoping when things look bleak, keep fighting for justice when it seems ground has been lost.  Keep shining your higher consciousness.  Do it silently.  Do it loudly.  But whatever you do – don’t give up now.

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About Paige Bartholomew

Paige Bartholomew is a licensed therapist and certified hypnotist, specializing in New Paradigm Heart Technologies for transforming the self. A student of the Law of One, a teacher of A Course In Miracles, and a Sufi Master Teacher, Paige can show you how to live from an entirely new paradigm of love. Make the shift you’ve been longing for and start living the peace and certainty that is the True You. For information on psychotherapy and healing work with Paige:
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3 Responses to Lightworkers – Don’t Lose Heart!

  1. Dawn Conroy says:

    Finally went back to my email – and this post, “Don’t Lose Heart” – a heart-touching and encouraging letter! And, while I’m reading the story, I’m listening to one of my playlists of random favs…and just by chance (not really, right?!!), the song “Everybody Hurts” (REM) plays just as I’m getting to paragraph 2; talk about adding to the true resonance your message already delivered…I enjoy moments like these and just wanted to share! Thank you Paige for your work in life!!

  2. Deon van as says:

    Hi there i must honestly tell u about the wierdest thing that happened to me 9yrs ago and are still with iam not insaine or have enty mental disorder well i felt a warm presinse apon me touching my body i was a bit scared at first but did feel very calm about as time went i started specialy at night being in bed lights off visiolizing Spiritual beings amoung me but there vision were not as clear as watching a dvd or something well it turned out to be Angels with there swords and spears i realized that i could comunicate with them by my thoughts i also found out when i close but put presure on my eyes when their closed i tend to get better vision of them and this is where the story get weird i have noticed that they live in the 4th dimention they ware normal clothes have alot of dogs and cats i did see that they have cars houses ext,to be honest where they live looks Earth they the Sun,Trees,Hills everything and there are many of them with women and children but they are Angels i cant say all of them but the ones that were close to me i could see them fly now it it gets weirder they stab me with a dagger or knife but i dont feel the pain of actualy being stabbed but i do feel the tingling of it penetrating me over my head and face more then my feet and over my body the reason they do it is tha t once ive been stabbed my body expells something thats not like blood but much thicker almost like candy floss just a bit more runnier wich they eat and feed the cats and dogs but they are very loveable towards me they hold me so that i can feel there heat when iam cold the kittens love to come lay by me on my chest and so on luckely iam very fond of cats i am a Christian person person i do believe in God,Jesus&all thats writen in the Bible but this what iam experiencing does not make any sence at all they r ANGELS but the ones close to me are male Angels and they forcely have sexual deeds with me that i dont like at all iam not even Gay iam a normal male the way God created me iam very very loveable soft hearted person and 4giving person iam devorced since 1992 and have never fell in love again and neve married again i dont believe in sleeping around to saticfy my sexual needs either i hav metioned this to a few of my friends and their response to this haqening to me was normal told me to go to a Dr,i most proberly would have had the same respond if some one had to tell me what i just told them and u ive Googled this situation iam in and there is nobody thats had the same experience ia having iam planning to tell my Priest at Church next year i did not want to tell the Priest about it bec,of hin thinking i might be insane have got a answer 4 my situation please i dont know what think or to believe anymore this is all the Gods honest truth i have told i dont know who else to talk to about this that can give me a answer pls reply asap thnx Deon:-/

    • Beloved Deon,
      This question you ask is very personal so I would prefer not to go into great detail on a public forum. What I want you and others like you to hear is that “angels” do not behave the way you are describing. The behaviors that you describe: stabbing you and drinking your “candy floss” blood, forcing you to engage in sexual acts that you do not like – these are things that a true angel would never, ever do.

      I believe that you are actually accessing the Astral Plane of the Earth, where many negatively polarized beings live. These beings like to trick and take advantage of sensitive souls like yourself.

      My advice to you, beloved, is to stop engaging with these beings at once. Tell them with your own personal empowerment and love that you will no longer be in relationship with them. As a psychotherapist, I would also advise you to seek a doctor’s care because I do believe that your neurochemistry may be imbalanced. When our neurochemistry is out of balance, it can make us more susceptible to this kind of experience. We may tend toward depression, anxiety or negative contact from astral beings.

      Some medicine, care from an experienced doctor, several visits to your trusted priest, and some weekly therapy will help you feel so much better, I believe. It is the way I would care for myself if I were in your shoes.

      All my love for you on your journey,

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