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11 Spiritual Truths of an Awakened Heart

We adults were born into a world immersed in an old paradigm of religious dogma.  In many ways those teachings were very beautiful for their time.  But humanity needs something more now.  Why?  Because we are evolving.  The “Great Awakening” … Continue reading

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Confused About Forgiveness?

What IS forgiveness anyway? People are confused.  I was confused.  “Forgive your father.  Forgive the terrorists.  Forgive your ex.”  Those are nice thoughts.  I want to do it.  But when I try, I realize I do not really know HOW.  … Continue reading

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Healing Through The Heart

What does it mean to use love as a healing medicine? The healing process is exactly like the awakening process. We are awakening to what IS. When we come to love everything as it is, it opens and awakens us. … Continue reading

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Easy Steps to Inner Peace

Do you want peace? Do you want to feel a REAL experience of calm inside? If so, try this: Step 1.  Identify whatever idea you are holding onto that’s preventing you from feeling peace right now in this moment – … Continue reading

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