There’s lots of talk about environmental sustainability, but what about emotional sustainability? Stress, striving, worry and perfectionism aren’t sustainable in the long run. In other words, you’ll wear yourself out. Slow down, take a self-assessment of how you’re really doing in this moment, and allow your true needs to be honored.

How is your heart right now?

Take Three Minutes for Self-Care

Take a pause to stop what you’re doing and check in with yourself.  Take a deep breath.  Sit back.  And ask yourself these questions:

How do you feel in your body in this moment?

Is there any discomfort? Worry? Irritation? Fear?

Name it. 

Breathe and let it be there – just for a moment.

If it’s uncomfortable, don’t worry.  It won’t last if you’re willing to stay present with it.

Now ask yourself: What does your body need?  What does your heart need?  Go ahead and be bold in your answer!

Action is the last step, and can be proceeded into gently and realistically.  Give yourself what your body needs.  Give your heart what it needs.  Hug yourself.  Hold yourself.  Wrap yourself up in a big fuzzy blanket and say, “I love you. I don’t want you to suffer.  Let’s let go of this stressful thought.”  Pray and ask, “Divine One, help me see this situation with new eyes.  Help me care for myself better.  Help me see the gift in this.”

How will you fashion your self-sustainable day?

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About Paige Bartholomew

Paige Bartholomew is a licensed therapist and certified hypnotist, specializing in New Paradigm Heart Technologies for transforming the self. A student of the Law of One, a teacher of A Course In Miracles, and a Sufi Master Teacher, Paige can show you how to live from an entirely new paradigm of love. Make the shift you’ve been longing for and start living the peace and certainty that is the True You. For information on psychotherapy and healing work with Paige:
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