A Story of Creation

There is, and can only be, ONE being.   God.  God is the only thing that exists.  We only believe we are someone else, separate, living away from him, susceptible to dangers and evils.  But how could that be true except by our own fantasy?

I like to conceptualize the creation story in a simple way:

Once upon a time… God was sitting at home enjoying the being-ness of eternity.  He decided it would be a nice change of pace to experience himself as a witness.  So he made a reflection of himself, like a mirror to look into.


This reflection was completely HIM, for what else could it be?  It was not separate.  I was just a way that God split himself and set himself aside like a mirror so that he could see himself.  For a few minutes, God peered into himself and saw everything – as a witness- perfectly and beautifully for the first time. There was only love with a new perspective of two.  But suddenly, the mirror image became startlingly aware that it had been split off from its source.  It began to panic.  The terror was all encompassing, because it did not know how it would survive away from God.

At lightning speed, the separated part (which was not actually separate), began to come up with all kinds of thoughts about who and what it was.  Its thoughts began to race as it fearfully contemplated how and why it had been separated from its source, and what that might mean about it. (“How will I survive apart from my source? Why has this separation occurred?  I must have done something to cause it.  I must be bad, or broken or unlovable!”) Through this frantic race to “figure it out”, the thoughts themselves began manifesting into distinct, individual reality bubbles of their own. One thought gave birth to the next, like neural pathways forming in the brain.  Each thought created a tiny world, like baby universes, one after the other.  The more this went on, the more alone, confused and scared the mirror-image felt, until it had completely forgotten who it was before the split, and that the split was, in fact, make believe.

It was the Big Bang:  the highest dimension of consciousness giving birth to lower, and still lower dimensions.  World upon world cascading outward with each fearful thought.

This outward-cascading tumble of thought is what is known as “the out-breath of God” which made all of creation.  Each level which proceeds lower is filled with more fear and a feeling of separation than the last, because it contains less and less memory of the Truth.  Eventually, the process will be reversed, so that everything begins remembering and moving back to source.  This is what is known as the “in-breath of God”.

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It is by this process that our world is continually being created.  This universe wasn’t just “set into motion” by God.  We weren’t simply “left here” to cope, and hope, and pray for the best.  The first mirror-image which God made for himself split itself again and again with every thought, and those thoughts became our “souls”.  Those thoughts created our planet, our dog, our spouse, our mother–in-law.  And out of those separate created “thought-beings”, came more and more thoughts.  “I am going to be a doctor when I grow up.” “My father doesn’t love me.” “Evil entities visit me at night and steal parts of my soul.” “I hate my damn neighbors.”  “I want spiritual enlightenment, but it’s just too hard.”  “I am poor and can’t get out of this rut.”  “I am rich and powerful.” “I have a learning disability.” “I am depressed.” “I can never, ever forgive myself.”  Etc, etc, and on and on. We humans are billions of thought forms running around, believing we’re separate distinct beings.  We are literally making this place up as we go along.

Thoughts do create things.  There is no doubt about it.  Thought created you!  But even thought is not the highest truth.  All the thoughts that have ever cascaded out of that one original, very confused mirror-image of God, can never equal what is REAL.

  The “Reality” is beyond thought.  It existed before thought. 

The Reality is pure, untouched Love.

So from this perspective, not only do you LITERALLY create everything in your world, but you are the only being that is here.  There is no one else.  There is only one being.  There are many thoughts, but only one being.  So, reuniting with the One Source is easy since You are the Universe. Reuniting with our One-self is only a thought away.  Just set the intention (thought), and then let all thought GO.

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From this perspective we can easily see that evil is not what we thought it was.  The worst thing to fear in all of creation is the thought, “I am separated from God”.  And we know now, that is a very literal illusion.  So what is there to fear?

Within this matrix, I have the power to attract whatever I want into my unique universe.  I have the power to write my own script.  Not sometimes.  Not a little bit.  COMPLETELY.  I have the power to choose everything in my life.  Granted, here in 3D, we’re still just getting our feet wet with this concept, and only just beginning to practice it.  We’re not going to be masters yet.  But just knowing what kind of potential I actually possess helps me relax.  Knowing that this whole thing is actually a simple misunderstanding of the Truth helps me stop feeling afraid.

I can simply enjoy my in-breath back to my Beloved Source. 

…My Beloved – whom I never left in the first place.

To learn more about these concepts, see this video.



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  1. This is perfection. Thank you. ❤

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