Living in the Matrix

We have been taught to believe that matter is solid.

We have been taught to believe that circumstances are fixed.

But we have been misinformed.


Reality Is Not What It Seems.

Reality is actually a hologram.  If you’ve ever watched the TV series, Star Trek, The Next Generation, you’d be familiar with a place on-board the Starship Enterprise called the HOLODECK.  (If you haven’t seen the episodes about the Holodeck – you can find them on Netflix.)  The Holodeck is a room which is controlled by the ship’s computer.  Characters on the show like Captain Piccard and Geordi LaForge are able to write Holodeck programs that can simulate anything in the created universe.  They can tell the computer to play out a scene from a novel, for example, and the program will spit it out perfectly in a third dimensional, real life experience for them.  Let’s say Commander Riker wanted to write a program to simulate the forest where he spent his youth.  He would enter all the details he could remember, then step through the doors of the Holodeck, and say, “Engage program”.  Image

Seemingly by magic, he would find himself standing in a lush, green outdoor woods.  The trees, plants, birds, dirt, wind, and mist would all look, feel, smell, taste and sound REAL.  They appear to be real, but in reality the scenes in the Holodeck are three dimensional illusions.

Another way to conceptualize the idea that reality is an illusion is to remember the movie, The Matrix.  In The Matrix, the main character, Neo, became exposed to the fact that reality wasn’t what it seemed to be.  He learned that the world as he knew it was actually a computer program which his brain had only experienced as “real”.  Once Neo broke through the veils of limitation and confusion, he was able to become free of the computer program and see reality as it really was – a simulation.


I personally have absolutely no belief that the world has been taken over by machines that keep people as prisoners, as the Matrix movie goes on to suggest. (That’s just scary and silly.)  I do, however, believe that once we humans come to understand the true nature of reality, we will be able to perform “miracles” like bending spoons, slowing down the flow of time, and defying gravity, just as Neo learned to.

Third dimensional reality is very much like a Holodeck program or a computer generated world in The Matrix.  Once you understand the laws of Reality according to the Law of One series, A Course in Miracles, and the Law of Attraction, you’ll see what I mean.

An Excellent Introduction


“Yeah, yeah,” You say.  “I’ve heard of the Law of Attraction before.  I’ve seen the movie, “The Secret”.  It’s all a bunch of hooey.  I’ve tried affirmations and vision boards.  They don’t work. Humans can’t defy the laws of physics.  It’s just load of New Age baloney.”

The movie, “The Secret” was an excellent introduction to the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction, however it did not give the entire picture.  If we don’t have an in-depth understanding of the nature of Reality itself, we’re going to sabotage our efforts at conscious creation.  First we need to know what we are dealing with, THEN we can begin to practice the art of creating in our personal Matrix.

Created Worlds are Made of Thought Energy.

Third dimensional matter is itself, a highly condensed form of thought energy.  Think of your mind as the Holodeck computer system.  Like in the Holodeck computer, the hardware (your mind) uses the software program (your thoughts) to manipulate and condense energy, which creates a physical “world” that looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds real. It is, in reality, only an illusion: a hologram.  Interestingly, many of the world’s religions and mystical traditions have been trying to teach us this concept for centuries: that this world is an illusion. It’s only been recently that we humans have acquired a sophisticated enough understanding of quantum physics and mysticism to understand what they were talking about.


What Is The Fourth Dimension?

The fourth dimension is the next higher (or faster vibrating) frequency of energy above ours. Like 3D, it is made of thought energy, only the vibration rate is much, much faster so the realm appears to have different laws of physics than we see down here.  A good way to conceptualize the different dimensions is to think of radio transmissions.  At any given time, there are many radio frequencies broadcasting at once.  If you want to hear what’s being broadcast on 96.7 FM, you have to tune your radio to that frequency to receive it. Even though there are many frequencies broadcasting at the same time, you can only hear one at a time.  You must tune in to the right frequency to be able to experience that channel.

It’s the same with dimensional realms.  If you want to tune into the fourth dimensional frequency, you can learn to do that.  You can access the fourth dimension by using a highly technical, mysterious and elusive skill.  It is called your imagination!  Yes, it’s really that simple.  Your imagination is the doorway to the fourth  dimension.  (Human evolution always occurs in a natural way, with the inner abilities we already possess.)  Some easy ways to access your imagination are daydreaming, night dreaming, meditation, shamanic journeying and hypnosis.  Any time there is a deepening in brainwave activity to deep Alpha, Theta or Delta, one has the potential to easily access the fourth dimension from any of those states.


The fourth dimension is what we could think of as the blueprint world.  We draw up our mental blueprints there, and we build the solid matter models here.  4D also has different “physical laws” than 3D.  For example, some of the unique laws of physics in the fourth dimension are that conscious creation happens almost instantaneously, communication can be accomplished through telepathy, and there are fewer boundaries in time and space.

We humans actually flow in and out of the fourth dimension regularly, if mostly unconsciously.  It is our destiny to eventually become more and more attuned to this frequency band, until one day Earth finds itself living fully immersed in it.

The Law of Attraction is a Fourth Dimensional Technology.

Once we have a working understanding of what the dimensions are, how they relate to one another, and the laws of physics that each display, we can easily use that knowledge to help us in our daily lives.  Beings that reside in the fourth dimensional frequency band are used to manifesting whatever they want very quickly.  Their world moves fast.  To them it’s just normal life.  But to us, it’s almost magical.  According to Jerry and Esther Hicks, the definition of The Law of Attraction is: that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  This means that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.


The Law of Attraction Is At Work Whether You Are Conscious Of It Or Not.

The Law of Attraction responds to all pervasive thought patterns and works to make them manifest.  In other words, it doesn’t discern which thought patterns you want it to work on, it just works on them all.  It takes your thought energy and begins condensing it down into situational, circumstantial and material matter.

Fortunately, here in the third dimension we have a bit of a time lag.  (Remember – by comparison, thoughts in the fourth dimension manifest very quickly.  That’s because energy in the fourth dimension is lighter and less dense than it is here.) This time lag may be frustrating at times, but it is designed as a safety zone.  It gives you time to make sure that the envious thought you just had about your snobby neighbor, Myrtle, is REALLY what you want to focus on.  The more focus we give to a thought or emotion, the stronger The Law of Attraction picks it up and begins materializing it.

You can count on it – the Law of Attraction will make manifest every pervasive thought pattern within you, every time. Notice that keyword: pervasive. This means all the unconscious junk from childhood, the leftover careless self-judgment you gave yourself as a young adult, the residue from those abusive relationships in college… anything left unresolved in your subconscious is fair game.  This is why self-awareness is so vital if you want to live a consciously creative life!  And this is why regular talk therapy often fails miserably in helping people un-stick unconscious patterns.  Psychotherapy that uses this New Thought Technology within the deeper states of consciousness can be far more efficient and effective.

Do Not Be Afraid.

Sometimes when folks learn that the Law of Attraction makes manifest every pervasive thought and emotional pattern, they get scared.  They worry that every little passing thought they have will take them off course, sending them careening into deep, dark, dangerous chasms of despair.  Not so.  Remember – because the third dimension in which we live has that nifty little time lag – we get time to consider our reactions and a chance to choose better ones, if we want to.

It’s like that “10-second rule” when you drop food on the ground.  The game is that you get 10 free seconds to pick the food up off the floor before any germs can jump on.  The Law of Attraction gives you a “10-second rule” for choosing your thoughts and emotions. It’s not actually a hard and fast ten seconds, but there is time.  So relax and enjoy the process of becoming aware of yourself!


 Maintaining Your Mental and Emotional State is the Most Important Thing You Can Do.

Learning to consciously create is a process.  No one can become perfect at it all at once.  It’s a lifetime practice of gently becoming aware of how we feel and think in any given moment, and then making conscious choices based on those facts.  Abraham Hicks published a book called, Ask and it is Given, which contains a valuable chart called the “Emotional Guidance System”.  The chart gives a list of all the human emotions and gradiates them by energetic frequency.  For instance, hopelessness and despair sit at the very bottom of the list.  They vibrate and at a very low frequency.  Moving on up the ladder, boredom sits somewhere in the middle. At the very top of the list sit joy, love, empowerment and freedom, which carry the highest vibratory frequency.  Using this chart can help us gain awareness of our emotions and the energy they carry.  It can help us make better choices for how we want to sculpt our experience.  No one can maintain your emotional state but you.  What state of being do you prefer to live within?


 Working Within the Matrix

Many masters have broken free of their limited perception and gone on to perform seemingly miraculous acts.  The miracles of Jesus are probably the most well-known, but there are many, many other accounts of human beings who have levitated, bi-located, moved objects, and more.  Are these really miracles?  Perhaps.  But what if these human beings had simply cracked the mystery?  What if all they did was to wake up to see the illusionary world for what it is?  What if they understood the laws of the fourth dimension and how to use that information HERE, to affect the third?  What if these human beings were masters of The Matrix, like Neo?  What if they were master programmers of the Holodeck, like Captain Piccard or Commander Riker?

ImageIn the movie, The Matrix, Neo learned how to move through the simulated world in a new way.  He was able to do that as a result of realizing that the Matrix world ISN’T SOLID, but only a holographic image.  As he practiced operating within the Matrix with his new understanding, he slowly gained confidence that he could manipulate the apparent space and time of that program.  Neo learned that working at the template level was vastly more powerful than working at the level of illusionOnce he realized that ALL CHANGE happens at the level of the PROGRAM, he was able to easily manipulate reality from there.  Similarly, when we come to realize that this world we live in isn’t solid like we thought, we will begin to build new skills in manipulating the circumstances of our own lives in a new way.

All change happens at the level of the PROGRAM.

YOU are the programmer.  

Now… what do you want to play with first?!

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About Paige Bartholomew

Paige Bartholomew is a licensed therapist and certified hypnotist, specializing in New Paradigm Heart Technologies for transforming the self. A student of the Law of One, a teacher of A Course In Miracles, and a Sufi Master Teacher, Paige can show you how to live from an entirely new paradigm of love. Make the shift you’ve been longing for and start living the peace and certainty that is the True You. For information on psychotherapy and healing work with Paige:
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2 Responses to Living in the Matrix

  1. Manny Hagman says:

    Wow, so awesome! Love the Star Trek references!

  2. Wilma says:

    Hi Paige, very interesting and true article you wrote here. I found out about the Hologram through the Law of Attraction and the Secret indeed. I realised I had unconsioussly attacted some things in my life and that this was really true. Now I am a student of A Course in Miracles and the only thing I want to attract in my life is LOVE (divine love). The only way to do this is to become love first. I love the way the Matrix is beginning to work my way because this is exactly what I was looking for and what I want in my life. The only obstacle for really attracting wealth etc. in your life as pointed out in the Secret, is your unconsious believe that you are not worthy of it. When you apply the Secret (Law of Attraction) from the dualistic Mind (ego) you are also attracting poverty just as much as you will be attracting wealth. Only when you start to live from within your true Self, you will be able to attract Love and abundance. Only…… money does not interest you any more at that point 🙂 You will attract what you are, not what you want. Love from Holland. Wilma

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