The Birth of Your Soul



Why do we exist here? What is the purpose of all this?

Most religions and ancient verbal histories of Earth have a creation story. When we read these stories through the eyes of our hearts, we begin to see that all of the religions are attempting to teach us the same thing.

It goes something like this:
In the beginning there was an omnipresent Source Field. This original state of consciousness was, and is, whole and unified. It knows everything and contains everything. In it, there is no time. All and nothing paradoxically co-exist intertwined within one another. Within this eternal state of All-Knowing exists the potentiality for all that ever was – or ever will be.

We will call this omnipresent Source Field, “God”. For ease of reading, I will use the male pronoun to describe God, although God is neither male nor female.

eye of scientist  and microscopeGod had a desire to create an experience where He could know Himself in a new way. Since God is so smart, God created a way that He could focus, as if through a microscope, to explore each tiny bit of Himself. The entirety of creation came into instantaneous being at just a single word: “Be”. God ignited a vibratory hum. It is said that through the sound of that hum, a cascade effect was put in motion which gave birth to all the worlds.

The Sufis say that God wanted to observe Himself in the second person. For this, God had to create an “other”. In Sufism it is said that God pulled a bit of light from His face and looked at it. This first separated bit of light was the first creation. It was the first intelligent being. When that first soul broke off from God, there was the appearance of two. The word “appearance” is important, because even though it seemed to that soul that she was separate, in reality, she could never be separate from her Source because the Source is her True Self. God contains everything and always will. God still contained this separate soul, but the poor soul didn’t understand and quickly became unsure, insecure and deeply afraid.

When the soul saw that she seemed to be separate, she suddenly felt a primal panic at the idea of being displaced from her Source and True Self.  This primal panic still rings through the heart of man.  The idea of separation, and the panic that ensued, has been termed Original Sin. People tend to think of sin as something bad. Sin is actually not proof of our evilness, but proof of our confusion.

To sin is to misunderstand.

In this case, our friend misunderstood the situation. She believed that she was separated from her Source, when in reality; she was never separated, but only seemed to be.
From this one, original misunderstanding, all of creation came into being. The created worlds, from the bottom base world, all the way up to the highest angelic world, are all founded on illusion. Yes – even the angelic worlds. They are based on the fundamental illusion that we are separate from God.  If all illusion and confusion were to disappear, there would BE NO WORLD!  Think of it this way:  If the world that we know was to suddenly fully align with God, it would instantaneously merge back into Oneness in the blink of an eye, and no “world” would continue to exist as we know it. This is what is meant in the bible when God revealed His True Reality to the mountain. When the mountain was exposed to Absolute Truth, it crumbled into dust – it no longer existed in this created world. The mountain returned to live in the world of God. When God reveals Himself to any created thing – that thing ceases to exist in a created form. When God reveals the truth of existence to any created thing, it merges back into Wholeness from where it first came.

woman 2So, back to our story…. God wanted to experience each tiny bit of Himself, and His plan was to do that vicariously through the eyes, ears, hands and hearts of his beloved creation. God knew that it would be necessary to give the newly created soul an experience of temporarily forgetting his own natural omnipotence. In forgetting that she was actually Everything, the soul now believed she was only a small portion of everything. Now the soul believed she was a small, individual portion. Her perspective allowed God the opportunity to narrow His focus to a pinpoint through her. Can you think of any holier job than to be God’s eyes, ears, hands and heart?

Some people feel that the narrow focus and veil of amnesia that come with our Earth suit are frustrating hindrances. But these things are necessary; otherwise the microscopic study of God’s self could not be achieved. God knew we HAD to forget.  It would be impossible for an omnipotent being to experience a process of discovery when it already knows everything! The veil of forgetting is the first gift bestowed upon creation, so that creation can do the job it was made to do: to reveal God to God.

tree 2Out of that Original Light of Creation, cascaded forth more divisions. Like a tree dividing itself exponentially: from trunk, to branches, to twigs, to leaves. That original soul was divided into smaller and smaller, seemingly separate pieces of the whole. Each new piece separated off, becoming individual souls with individual thoughts, yet still carrying the perfect original essence of the Source. You are one of these divisions. In reality, you are not separated from God, although at your current level of evolution, it seems as though you are. Your job, and everyone’s job, is to move from the most individuated point of being, gradually back to the awareness that all is one with the Source. This is the progression of all souls. This is the evolution of consciousness.

oneness 2
The purpose of living is to experience every single thing possible.

       The end-goal of life is to bring all of the seemingly separated  parts back into wholeness with God.

How is this process done? We accomplish this powerful, beautiful journey along our spiritual progression through levels of consciousness, or “densities”.  Learn more about densities HERE.

copyright Paige Bartholomew, 2015

This article has been excerpted from my upcoming book:                                                              The Soul Map: Understanding the Divine Path of Soul Evolution                             where these concepts, and so many more, will be explained in glorious detail!

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The 7 Sacred Soul Tasks


Does it feel like something is out of balance in your life?

Maybe you’ve done a ton of healing work, you’ve read all the self-help books, you’ve meditated with the best of them, but still something feels off.

Having difficulties doesn’t mean that you’re failing at being a spiritual person.
Your life is simply showing you where you’ve still got some work to do.

Here’s what you need to know: your seven chakras aren’t just energy centers. They are sacred containers of knowledge which contain an enormous amount of specific information for your growth. Each chakra holds within it a soul task which must be mastered. If any soul task is left incomplete, painful symptoms will show up in your life and your relationships. These symptoms are signs showing you where you need to do your work.

First Chakra Task:   Keep Yourself Safe

chakra 1If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that you put others needs before your own – to your detriment. You may allow situations or relationships into your life that hurt you. You may rationalize that you deserve the pain. You might turn on yourself, speak harshly to yourself, you may even hate yourself. To improve your health in this chakra, make a commitment to observe the ways that you devalue yourself and let others devalue you. The truth is – no one is more important than you, and you are no more important than anyone else. Your needs matter as much as anyone else’s. Stay mindful every day. A deep purification process like this takes time, so keep at it until you feel more stabilized. Read books like “Self Compassion” by Kristin Neff, and “Healing the Shame that Binds You” by John Bradshaw.

Second Chakra Task:   Connect with Others
chakra 2We can’t make healthy connections with others if we believe everyone else is better, smarter, or that they matter more than we do. (See how the health of each chakra has to be solid before we can fully master the next?) If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that it feels hard to make and keep friends. Connection may feel difficult for you. To improve your health in this chakra, start with a commitment to daily self-inquiry and examination. Observe your own behaviors and feelings around others. Take small steps toward interaction with people. Set goals for joining in with groups. Remember, your commitment is all you need. If you are committed, the healing will come. Read books like “Safe People” By Henry Cloud.

Third Chakra Task:     Set Boundaries
chakraSymptoms of ill-health in the third chakra show up as either a tendency to be “too nice” and let people walk all over you, or to be “the Big Cheese”, believing you are entitled to more than your fair share.  We must learn healthy boundaries.  If you are out of balance in this chakra, you might have a hard time saying no. You may grieve a lot about other people’s pain. You may worry about how someone will feel if you set down boundaries. Or – you may feel an impulse to run over people to get your needs met. To improve your health in this chakra, first commit to observing your patterns and discover the reasons for them. Then make a solid commitment to boundary setting. Learn to say “Yes” and “No” at appropriate times, both to others and to YOURSELF. You must learn to say NO to toxic people, places and situations, and say YES to beautiful, fair, kind ones. The third chakra soul task balances the ego. Read books like: “Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life” by John Townsend and Henry Cloud, and “Reclaim Your Life: Understanding Toxic Relationships, What to Do, and When to Leave” by Jennifer Reed.

Fourth Chakra Task:   Forgive
chakra 4If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that you have trouble forgiving yourself or others. You might be hurt or angry about things that happened a very long time ago. You might hold grudges. Forgiveness is the soul task that opens the heart. If we are unable to forgive, we will be unable to move into fourth density consciousness (4th chakra heart), which is vital if we are to shift into the New Earth. Forgiveness requires a change of heart. Forgiveness occurs when we accept that our brother (or our self) is, in truth, innocent, and deserves our compassion. No matter what you did, no matter what they did, the soul is innocent. If you’re having trouble discerning whether or not to trust someone who is toxic or dangerous, go back to the third chakra – you have more work to do there. Read books like: “Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart” by Robin Casarijan, and “Love is Letting Go of Fear” by Gerald G. Jampolsky.

Fifth Chakra Task:   Embody Fearless Truth
chakra 5Symptoms of ill-health in the fifth chakra show up as a fear of speaking your truth. You may be afraid of the consequences when you say what you deeply believe. You may fear hearing what someone else deeply believes. When this chakra is balanced, you’ll know how to discern Truth from falsehood, because you will have effectively grasped all of the soul tasks from the previous chakras. Here, the soul is becoming pure. To heal an imbalanced fifth chakra, practice knowing your Truth. Practice standing firm in your truth. And finally, practice speaking your truth while maintaining pristine compassion and respect for others. Read books like: “The Fifth Chakra Healing Book” by KG Stiles, and “The Storm Inside: Trade the Chaos of How you Feel for the Truth of Who You Are.” By Sheila Walsh

Sixth Chakra Task:   Become One with the Creation
chakra 6When the sixth chakra soul task is incomplete, we do not see others as our self – we see them as separate. It is a very high state of being to actually be able to see others as yourself. It’s more than just sympathy. It’s more than just being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. We are talking about literally seeing your brother as YOU. Seeing that you are the same being at the core. The truth is – we are all only ONE being. Symptoms of ill-health in this chakra show up as subtle projections onto other people: “He is less evolved than I am.” Symptoms also show up as a sense of separation: “I’m glad it’s them and not me.” To restore health in the sixth chakra, meditation is necessary. Become quiet and get to know yourself in stillness. Practice seeing your neighbor as yourself. Practice seeing a terrorist as yourself. Practice seeing a tree as yourself. Feel it as though it were REAL. Read books like “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, and “A Course in Miracles”.

Seventh Chakra Task: Become One with the Creator
chakra 7Becoming one with the Creator is such a high state that humans are not capable of maintaining it for long periods of time. Like the story in the bible when God revealed Himself to the mountain and it crumbled to dust, we dissolve back into All-ness when we reach this eternal station. We slip into states of Divine knowingness, drink from it, and then we slip back out. It’s that way by design. Each time we slip in, the experience changes us so profoundly, we are never the same human being again. Our soul task in this chakra is not a matter of reaching perfection, because we never will. This chakra is infinite. Our task here is to open to the mystery of the absolute as often as possible, and to surrender our small self to its Intelligence. Practice by meditating on loving your Creator. Meditate on opening your entire being and offering it to the service of your Creator. Ask for help from your Creator, for your human self cannot know how to explore the realms of the Most High without help from the Most High. Read books like “Mystics, Masters, Saints, and Sages: Stories of Enlightenment” by Robert Ullman and “Along the Path to Enlightenment: 365 Daily Reflections” By Dr. David Hawkins.


Traversing the path of human consciousness is what souls have been doing from the beginning of time. We’re all in the same boat – making our way across the sea – yearning to reach the eternal shore.


copyright Paige Bartholomew, 2015

Be watching for my upcoming Book:                                                                                                    The Soul Map: Understanding the Divine Path of Soul Evolution                                    where these concepts, and so many more, will be explained in glorious detail!

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The Soul Map: Understanding The Divine Path of Spiritual Evolution

Have you ever wondered why you exist?

Have you wondered why you incarnated on Earth?

Have you wondered about your soul’s level of enlightenment?

earth star


For insights on how your soul was born, see my article entitled A Story Of Creation.

We souls evolve in a predictable way, and the map for our journey is written within our very DNA.  The evolutionary map is the chakra system.  If you understand the essential meanings and messages embedded within each chakra, you’ll understand the evolutionary steps each soul takes on its way to Remembering Who It Is.

In the beginning – before time – each one of us was born from All-That-Is.  We then began our journey through the levels of consciousness.  Each level carries a set of lessons to learn.  Each level of consciousness takes us to a new “world” to live in.  Each world is a paradigm: a distinct schoolhouse specifically designed to teach the soul what it needs to know at each developmental level.

Level 1 – Existence

mountainFirst density is the introductory level of creation. All souls begin here. It’s where you start your journey, freshly separated from All That Is.  Here, you are in your most “asleep”, or unconscious state.   First density corresponds to the first chakra in the body, and the “red ray” of the rainbow.  Here you exist as essential elements:  rock, air, water or fire. The developmental milestone of this stage of growth is simply to experience existence.

Level 2 – Physical Mastery

cats_dogs_0301014_620pxSecond density is the level where you’ll have your first inkling of conscious awareness. Shifting from first density to second density means a qualitative shift in your experience of what it feels like to be alive. Second density corresponds to the second chakra in the body and the “orange ray” of the visible light spectrum.  Here you exist as plant or animal.

In the second density, the developmental task of your soul is to develop a conscious mastery of your physical form, your instincts and emotions.

Level 3 – Self Empowerment

Third density is the level at which you become human. Here is where you move into a bodyHAPPY-PEOPLE-large570which possess an upgraded brain with the ability for complex thought.   This is the level of consciousness where souls learn about who they are as individuals. Shifting from 2D to 3D means a qualitative change in your understanding of your own personal nature.  Because it’s really “all about you” in this level, we call it the station of the EGO.  It’s the home of the lower mind, more commonly called the intellect.  Third density corresponds to the third chakra in the body and the “yellow ray” of the visible light spectrum.  The primary developmental task of this level is self-knowledge and self- empowerment.

Level 4 – Compassion

Shifting from third density to fourth density means moving past your ego and making a qualitative change in your understanding about love.  Humanity stands on the cusp of heart-chakra-colorsshifting into fourth density now.  In order to make the transition, you must purify your lower self and anchor yourself firmly in love.  It takes a lot of work to extract all the toxic debris from the collective ego-consciousness that humans have carried for eons.  But it can be done, and many people have already made the shift and are living in 4D consciousness now.  When we reach critical mass, the Earth will follow suit and make her shift, and this is when we’ll see a New World!

Fourth density corresponds to the fourth chakra in the body and the “green ray” on the spectrum of visible light. Here, your body is becoming much more sensitive and less dense. Food, sounds, light, fragrances, the emotions of others and negative energies can overwhelm you, and you must learn how to care for yourself in a whole new way. The primary developmental task here is to master balanced compassion for self and others.

Level 5 – Wisdom

Shifting from fourth density to fifth density means making a qualitative change in your understanding about your soul and your non-physical self.  5D is the home of the higher5th chakra light body mind where love and wisdom coalesce into complete conscious thought.  Until now, your awareness has been too muddied with lower energies to access pure wisdom.  You’ll finally be able to combine everything you’ve learned from the lower 4 densities and merge it into a more complete understanding of who you are and what your existence is all about – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Fifth density corresponds to the 5th chakra in the body and the blue ray on the visible spectrum of light.  Here, your body will change to become more light than matter. You will finally receive your light body!  As the Earth makes its shift into 5D, it will change into an energetic world, no longer  physical.  You’ll be able to create what you need and want through the natural power of your being instead of through the clumsy use of technology. The primary developmental task in this level of consciousness is to master the realm of spirit.

Level 6 – Unity

Shifting from fifth density to sixth density means making a qualitative change in your understanding of what it means to merge into oneness.  At this level all knowledge is 6th chakracombined between individuals so that a collective consciousness emerges.  This is the first time that Love is TOTAL – for the self, for the other, and for all things everywhere: “good” and “bad”.  Everyone is understood to be One Being.  Trust between beings is absolute.  There can be no negatively polarized individuals in this level of consciousness.  Sixth density corresponds to the 6th chakra in the body and the indigo ray on the visible spectrum of light. The primary developmental task here is to master the realm of cosmic knowledge.

Level 7 – The Doorway to Eternity

Shifting from sixth density to seventh density means making a qualitative change in your understanding of creation itself and Who You Are within it all.  Understanding emerges cosmic-spiralabout the way creation is made, the way it operates, the reasons for everything – all is known here.  This is the level at which you merge back into God.  Perfection is finally yours.  You no longer see yourself as a separate individual.  You are no longer someone who is working hard to clean and purify the lower parts of yourself.  All of that is over.  The learning here is very, very subtle, silent, and stunning.  Seventh density corresponds to the 7th chakra in the body and the violet ray on the visible spectrum of light. The primary developmental task is to remember Who You Always Were and to reunify with All That Is.

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It takes millions of lifetimes to make our way through all the densities.  Don’t try to rush it.  You may have glimpses of a higher density.  These are called “peak spiritual experiences”.  These peak experiences are like delicious little tastes of what’s to come.  They give us yearning to reach higher and to become more of ourselves.

You may find that you reside at a certain level of consciousness most of the time. This is your “spiritual station”.  Your spiritual station is your current leading edge of spiritual evolution.  You may be in the station of third density Ego, but moving toward fourth density Compassion.  You may find that you’re already living in the consciousness of the 4D heart.  It’s important to remember that we do swing backward and forward a bit.  It would be a mistake to see this process as a perfectly linear stair-step incline.

You may find that you are firmly rooted in a very high station… say the station of sixth density Unity.  You may be wondering how you got there when the vast majority of the human race is still struggling through the lessons of the ego.  If you find that you’re living firmly in a high station, you might be a volunteer who has come here to help Earth ascend.

Whether you are a native to Earth, or a volunteer, the most important job each of us has is to KNOW OURSELVES well.   That is the entire purpose of Life.  And it’s the primary purpose for this article: to help you learn where you sit in your evolutionary station.  Please, please don’t use it to compare yourself to others.  You are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment in your eternal journey!  You are a spectacular spark of Divinity.  Gorgeous and perfectly-imperfect.

cosmic journey copyright Paige Bartholomew, 2015

Be watching for my upcoming Book:                                                                                          The Soul Map: Understanding the Divine Path of Soul Evolution                             where these concepts, and so many more, will be explained in glorious detail! 

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What is an EMPATH?

What is Empathy?  Walt Whitman put it this way:

                                                       “I do not ask the wounded person how he feels,                                                          I myself become the wounded person.” 

empathy 2Empathy is the ability to imagine “What’s it like to BE them”?

The Difference between Sympathy and Empathy:


A person in the level of ego feels sympathy for others.  When he sees someone in emotional distress, he may or may not recognize the pain as something he has experienced before.  If he doesn’t recognize the pain, he may judge it and say the person is “faking it”, “making it up”, “just trying to get attention”, or some other dismissing statement.  If he does recognize the pain as something he has experienced before, it may frighten him.  He does not want to re-experience that pain again.  There is a small thought which is buried deep within that says, “I’m grateful it’s him and not me.”  Sympathy is a mixture of sadness for the self with sadness for the other.  He only partially connects to the other person, because the goal is to keep some distance between his brother’s pain and himself.  Sympathy is self-protection veiled in caring.  It LOOKS AS IF the focus is on caring for another person, but in truth, sympathy is focused on the needs of the self.


A person in the level of the heart feels empathy for others.  Whether or not he has ever experienced the exact nature of his brother’s pain is irrelevant to his ability to recognize it and rise to meet it.  He is able to put himself in the other person’s shoes.  The person capable of empathy isn’t concerned with the self, but is concerned with the experience of the other.  He isn’t afraid to feel his own pain, and therefore, isn’t afraid to the feel someone else’s.  The goal of empathy is to see, feel and know the other person’s experience, independent of his own.

What is an Empath?

A person who lives in the level of the Heart (4th Density Consciousness) is capable of love as empathy.  At this station of spiritual evolution, he is able to see that others are equal to himself in every way.  He sees that their feelings are just as valid as his are (no matter what their feelings happen to be).  He sees that their perceptions are equally valid (even if they differ from his own).  He sees that their needs are equally important to his.  He understands that no one is right and no one is wrong.  He understands that human suffering deserves compassion no matter the reasons, causes, or conditions.

Being an empath should be seen as a leap in the soul’s evolutionary consciousness.  The difference between a person who lives in the station of ego, versus a person who lives in the station of Love is a QUALITATIVE shift in insight.

Empaths generally have their own unique set of challenges.  Because they are unafraid to feel human suffering, they sense it EVERYWHERE.  Think of an empath as a super-tuned antenna which picks up thousands of radio frequencies day and night.  An empath faces the task of learning – not how to be more tuned in – but how to filter the signals he receives.  He must learn discernment if he is to retain his own sanity.

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Since empaths feel the suffering of others, they usually have a strong desire to help.  Some empaths develop a desire to take away the suffering of others.  It’s vital to take the middle road with this as we step into healership.

You may have heard of a little something called Free Will.  Free Will is the first, and most important law of the universe.  It means that each individual has a RIGHT to learn and grow at his own pace, and in his own way.  It is each person’s right to learn his own lessons… and the way humans learn is through pain.   It would be an infraction of the law of Free Will for a healer to attempt to take something out of a person.  Empaths have the ability to understand, and to guide a person toward a better place… but they do not have permission to remove or absorb someone else’s suffering.

Even if it were permissible for empaths to take someone’s suffering from them, it’s not actually POSSIBLE.  Have you ever had a healing session where the healer waved their hands and magically “removed” a darkness from your being?  You may have been told you were healed.  Be honest here – did the issue return?  I’ll put my money is on the fact that it did.  The reason why is that we cannot escape our own karmic learning.  It is not possible to take away someone’s process of struggling through their lessons.  Humans either do their work to learn the lesson, or they stay in pain.  There’s no other way out.

When an empath attempts to absorb or process someone else’s pain through their own being, it can injure the helper.  Opening one’s field to take on the energy of another can drain one’s vital energy and damage the energy body.  We have to maintain great care for ourselves if we are to have any chance of helping the world.

                                                The point isn’t to try to fix the suffering of others.                                                   It’s simply to BE WITH THEM in their distress and to point toward a healthier way.


Empathy in the level of the Heart (4th Density) is a sign of spiritual maturity.  Empathy means that we realize we are all equally important.  Your pain.  My pain.  Their pain.  We all matter the same.

Go forth and love your hearts out!

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What Does Awakening Feel Like?


Awakening first feels like upheaval and chaos.

It’s kind of like cleaning out your garage.

Imagine that your garage has a lot of old, useless junk in it, and it is disorganized and dirty. You’ve lived with the mess peacefully for years, but suddenly that same mess is starting to make you feel “crazy”.  It’s the same junk, but you suddenly have a different relationship with it.

It’s like this concerning other things in our lives too, even “consciousness”.  We overlook stuff we’ve grown accustomed to.  We brush over things we’re not ready to face yet.  We stay in denial of inappropriate situations too long – because we’re not mature enough or brave enough to manage them head on yet.  This is normal.  It’s also normal to eventually wake up from our sleep.

Once we realize what we haven’t been facing, we can begin to deal with it in a new way.   We can make new choices.  Here are the steps everyone needs to know for “cleaning out the junk pile” – whether its our garages, our families, our relationships, our societies or our own conscious awarenesses.

1) The first step is to take everything out, spread it around and take a good, hard look at it.  Assess what you’ve got.  Taking everything out of the garage creates an even bigger mess on the driveway and kicks up a lot of dust. We generally feel a sense of disarray, confusion and chaos during this phase.  We may be horrified at what we see.  It may not feel fun yet.

2) The second step is to go in and sweep the dirt from the floor.  We’re still kicking up dust here, but at least we are creating a clean space to begin fresh. We can liken the sweeping phase to brightening up our attitudes.  We’re making an intention for something new.  We’re creating space.  Don’t forget to whistle while you work!

3) The third step is to go through your stuff, piece by piece, and discard what you no longer need. Let go of what no longer serves you. Detach from old, out-dated pieces. Recycle or trash broken things that carry difficult memories. This is a purging. It’s good to let yourself grieve when letting go of anything that’s meant something to you.

4) The fourth step is to choose what you can still use.  It’s important that you spend some time cleaning and repairing the pieces you still want, so that they may continue to serve you well in the future. Polish these treasures – whether they are material items in your garage, or internal parts of yourself.

5) The last step is to put everything back in a neat and organized way.  Let the deep sense of accomplishment and serenity wash over you. Bask in the newness and freshness of your space and your self!

A similar process is happening with our civilization at large.  Right now, people all over the world are “waking up” to the fact that the collective “garage” needs an overhaul. It’s the same world we’ve lived in all this time, with the same broken systems, heinous habits, unfair programs and unjust structures, but suddenly we’re waking up and realizing we can’t tolerate them any longer.  What used to not bother us – suddenly DOES.  We find ourselves having an unexpectedly different relationship to our world.  We come out of our peaceful slumber – our denial – to see what is really happening.  The days of being able to cruise along without noticing what’s happening right under our noses are over.  The process of waking up from a blissful state of ignorance is uncomfortable – but necessary.


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Over the next several years, I expect that the upheaval will increase as people begin to wake up and say, “Hey, this doesn’t feel good. I want change!” We’ll see more social unrest.  We’ll see politics that will make our jaws drop (whatever party you identify with).  We’ll see people acting out their unresolved issues and their frustration in ways that look like we’ve gone back to the dark ages.  But we haven’t.  We’re just humans, going through the collective process of spreading the junk out on the lawn to assess what we’ve got.

It feels like crap.  And that’s a really good thing.

Remember step number 1?  The not-so-fun, chaotic junk-pile phase?  It’s necessary.  Upheaval is a clarifier for people.  It causes people to discern what they DO NOT want, and at the same time, to discern what they DO want.

After the initial awakening period (which is happening now), humanity will pull together and mobilize itself toward change.  This is already happening all over the world.  It’s still uncoordinated yet, but things will self-organize in good time.  Then, the process of cleaning out the garage can ensue in earnest.

What people want now is a new sense of rightness, a new organization, more love and a sense of pervading peace.  The good news is – if you look around you can see that humanity is finally becoming willing to face the mess and endure the work to achieve it.

The Great Awakening IS happening. Try to remember that upheaval is a good sign.  It’s the first step which will lead to the world we’ve been longing for.

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How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiving Yourself can be a tough one because the person who feels angry and the person you’re angry with is the same person – YOU!  We get stuck in self-judgment.  We can’t let ourselves off the hook.  Maybe we betrayed our own integrity.  Maybe we betrayed someone we love.  We think we are bad and we don’t know how to get over it.


Steps for self-forgiveness:

1) See your own innocence.  Close your eyes and imagine you are two:  one of you is your higher self and the other of you is your childhood self. See how innocent that child is?  If she did do something wrong – she didn’t do it on purpose!  Her intentions were pure.  She is beautiful.  Sweet.  Loveable.  In your higher self, go to her and hug her.  Give her some of the love she never had.  Drink it in for a while.

2) Understand and Accept. Close your eyes and imagine you are two:  one of you is your higher self, and the other of you is the one who did something you’re not proud of.  From your higher self, look upon that unforgivable person.  Ask yourself, “What motivated the unsavory behavior?  Did it come out of a deep wound?  Did it come out of loneliness?  Depression?  Despair?  What would have made me behave in this way?”  Find a reason.  If you can’t find one, make up the most plausible reason for the moment (this will help you get closer).  There is ALWAYS a reason we do what we do.

When we behave badly, it is ALWAYS originating from a place of inner confusion, hurt, or despair.

3) Love yourself.  Free yourself. From your higher-self perspective, open your heart.  Go to the “bad” part of you and hug her.  Imagine love pouring out of your heart and showering her with it.  You may imagine that she resists it.  That’s ok – stay with it anyway.  Shower love.  Say, “You made a mistake, but I know that you are good in your core.  The mistake can be repaired.  Love will show you how to make repairs with those whom you have wronged. I give you the gift now of release.  You may start anew here.”  Let the love seep into the places that you cannot forgive in yourself.  Let it wash you.  If you stay with it, it will change these places… you’ll feel and visualize shifts happening right before your inner eyes.  Let the sighs come.  Let the ease come.  Feel the pressure lift.

4)  Do this every day until you can see yourself differently.

5) Clean things up with others.  If it’s possible, repair the damage with people you have hurt.  Make amends.  That’s all that’s required.  If you are sincere, they will know, and you will know.  Constant and repeated penance is not necessary.

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You’ve heard it before – you’re human.  You make mistakes like everyone else.  The TRUTH is – there is no mistake you could make in all the world that would make you un-lovable.  There is no action, word or thought that is un-forgivable.  Spiritual growth means we must do the deep work of self-forgiveness.  Until this work is complete, we’ll have trouble moving on into healthy relationships with others.  The Universe doesn’t make mistakes…. and our mistakes are not what we think they are.  Every moment is a brilliant opportunity for spiritual evolution.  Self love is the beginning.

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Lightworkers – Don’t Lose Heart!


Loveworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, Awakening Humans…


There are those of us who were born remembering.  All our lives, we’ve held a deep knowing in our being, a knowing that we came here for a reason.  We may not have remembered this astonishing information all at once.  The wisdom we carry came into focus in small bits over many years.  It’s surfaced a little at a time, painting a picture of remembrance about who we really are, and what we came here to witness.  We go by many names: Indigos, Medicine Women and Men, Lightworkers and Star People, to name a few.  These are the advanced ones who answered the call.  These are the enlightened beings who came to Earth to bring a new consciousness to humanity.  Look into your heart now.  Are you one of these beings?  You will know.

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If your heart answers yes, you may have had a life filled with immense feeling, brilliant hope, and near-genius creative drive.  You may have felt different from others (because…well, you ARE), and you may have suffered for it.  You may have experienced much disillusionment and even personal trauma as a result of the things you’ve seen and heard in your life and the world at large.

You may have lived the years leading up to 2012 with great anticipation.  It seemed that we would finally realize our internal knowing, sense and foretelling of a great change for humanity on planet Earth.  But when the time came, you may have experienced the year 2012 as a CRUSHING DISAPPOINTMENT.  When “nothing happened” in 2012 (at least nothing overt…) many Love Workers retreated inward, falling into depression.  The anti-climax caused us to doubt ourselves and our own inner knowing.  Were we wrong?

Or worse… were we crazy?

oneness 2

I am here to lovingly assert that you are not wrong or crazy.  Soul memory is real.  Something as cosmic as a density shift cannot be arranged on a calendar.  Remember Who You Really Are, and WHAT YOU CAME FOR.  There is nothing more damaging to an awakened soul than to drown in the entropy of lost hope and negativity.  Pick yourself up, wise one.  Join with others like yourself.  There is a renewed energy growing on the planet.  All is not lost.  We are still progressing on a trajectory toward ascension.  It’s just a different timeline than the masses expected.

Just look around you.  Take a gander at Facebook, for example.  More than ever before, people are taking a stand for love.  Yes, there are people who want to stay stuck in doom and gloom, but how many more are posting enlightening memes and quotes, inspiring and opening people’s hearts toward the light?  The numbers are increasing.  Momentum is building.  Your work here has not been in vain.

So keep your love torch lit, dear one.  Keep doing what you do: keep loving in the face of ugliness, keep hoping when things look bleak, keep fighting for justice when it seems ground has been lost.  Keep shining your higher consciousness.  Do it silently.  Do it loudly.  But whatever you do – don’t give up now.

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